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Elementary School

At SJA Jeju our classrooms are nurturing and enriching. Teachers provide students with a supportive and inquiry-rich learning experience, engaging our students and keeping them motivated to learn. We encourage children to take risks and to learn from their mistakes.

Teachers provide a stimulus framework for each learning opportunity. We aim to establish well-balanced, independent and enthusiastic students who love to learn. We provide opportunities for students to become readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, musicians, and athletes. Our core curriculum (literacy, mathematics, science and social studies) occurs within the homeroom and is enriched by art, music, drama, physical education, and library. Global citizenship is encouraged through service learning projects and Korean studies. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum to support students as responsible digital citizens.

We strive to meet and support our students' individual needs as well as to develop self-confidence, respect for one another and an appreciation for diversity. Individualized instruction is an integral strategy to aid children with different learning styles and challenges. In order to meet individual needs, teachers differentiate and apply a variety of approaches to the learning process. Teaching focuses on the strategies to help the child achieve his/her highest potential possible. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and reflect meaningfully with growing independence.

We look at students with the lens of the whole child. Teachers are aware of his/her students' emotional, social, psychological, and physical development as well as their cognitive growth. It is important to develop positive character traits that are essential in becoming a productive, respectful citizen. The school views parents and community members as true partners in the educational process and their child’s development.
Elementary School Program of Studies