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Middle School


The curriculum features a groundbreaking STEAM Program that partners with prestigious schools like MIT, a Multimedia program that enables students to begin building a foundation for later studies in fashion design and technology, robust Fine Arts, Drama, and Music Programs enhanced with prestigious AiRs (Artists in Residence) from around the world, and World Languages featuring Chinese and Spanish.

The Entrepreneurial Design Project

In the 8th grade all students will complete an innovative capstone project, similar to the rigorous one they’ll work to design while seniors. This differs from the high school capstone project in that it is focused on a specific task, brainstorming and designing a product as a “startup.” Working in teams students will design a new product and devise a plan for production and sales. Each team will develop a valid research strategy to explore facets from product viability to sustainability issues. The final presentation is a networking event during which students share their findings with each other and the school community.

AP Springboard and STEMscopes

We’ll use AP Springboard for our English and math programs. SpringBoard is the College Board’s comprehensive instructional program in English Language Arts and Mathematics for all students in grades 6–12. SpringBoard offers research-based instructional strategies and practices that provide a clear road map forward by preparing students for college level studies. It also focuses on 21st-century skills in research, technology, and media. We’re the first school in East Asia to utilize this program.

Our science curriculum utilizes the STEMscopes framework (a cutting-edge digital resource that follows the NGSS standards and benchmarks) in our course sequence that vertically aligns the middle school with high school.

Advisory Program

The Middle School has an advisory program that is a natural outgrowth of the school’s mission statement. The purpose of the program is to foster character, inquiry, and community. We achieve this by providing students with a faculty mentor, and by including them in a group of peers with whom they may develop close, positive, personal relationships and expand their capacity for change and growth.

The advisor is the primary connection to the school for both students and family. Students will be in an advisor group of 10 to 15 peers through their graduation. Advisory meetings are built into the schedule.


The Middle School Counseling Program at SJA Jeju is a vital resource for working with students, teachers, and parents to ensure the social, emotional, and academic success of our students. This support is delivered through whole class lessons, one on one time with students, group work with students, support and consultation with families and teachers. The focus of the Counseling Program is to encourage the 3 Promises on which our school is based:

Be the best person possible:  We value respect, compassion, integrity, and responsibility. We act with respect for ourselves, for others, and the work that we do. We have compassion and empathy and we believe in loving those most who need it most.

Become the best learner possible: We value expertise and creativity. We provide the supports and opportunities for students to pursue their passion and develop a love for learning.

Become part of something bigger than themselves: When students come to St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju, they become part of the most talented and diverse group of peers they
may ever know. They develop an intellectual and emotional connection to making the community and the world a better place.

Middle School Program of Studies