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As in most US independent schools, athletics at SJA Jeju will provide a fundamental and dynamic opportunity for student learning, growth and development. At SJA Jeju, we see participation in sports as an extension of the academic program and an intense learning experience for many students. SJA Jeju will strive to offer as many sports as feasible while taking into account our American traditions, student preferences and our options for regional athletic competitions with other schools.  


In our inaugural year, we will offer the "Big 3 Sports" in Korea - basketball, volleyball and soccer in addition to offering track & field, swimming, golf, tennis, table-tennis and badminton as our most likely options. 
As our enrollment grows over the next several school years, and especially once we near full capacity in the high school, we will seek to expand our athletic options to include additional sports - such as baseball, softball and field hockey - while also further developing an outstanding golf program as well as Junior Varsity and Varsity teams for regional competitions. SJA Jeju's athletic program will emphasize teamwork, discipline, fun, commitment, a strong work ethic and respect for one's teammates, coaches and opponents.