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Health Services

The overall health and wellness of our school, students and employees, is an area we are committed to supporting and improving continually. The health department is comprised of three full-time employees, but we believe all members of the SJA Jeju community share a responsibility to help maintain a healthy and well School.


We provide a  24 hour, seven days a week coverage, we are committed to supporting our community whenever there is a need. We take a holistic approach believing that the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our students is important and allows them to be at their best in the learning environment. We are the first line of care for our boarding students on a daily basis. We provide emergent medical care, ongoing care of illness and injuries. We believe strongly that developing and maintaining positive relationships is invaluable in order to help our community to be at its best.


You can contact the Medical center directly at this email and we will reply to your requests.

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