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Meet the Dean of Student Life

Next year I will be the Director of Residential Life. I am very excited to come to a new school and work with the students at SJA Jeju. It has been a pleasure to follow along on your website to see the amazing work that is being done by the students at your school. I loved seeing pictures of their artwork and video of some of the music events this spring. 

I’m excited about connecting the work students do in the classroom with their lives outside of the classroom through activities and living in the dorm. I am also eager to learn from the people at SJA Jeju about Korea and about what has excited them about their first year at the school. 

Finally, I look forward to helping the boarding students adjust to living at school. I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of a supportive and nurturing community for young leaders to grow in character and blossom as students and as young men and women.


Mr. Doug Jolly