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Community Life Vision

Our goal is to help foster a strong, caring, positive and welcoming living environment where a culture of mutual respect and responsibility foster both personal and intellectual growth and success. By highlighting activities and community behavior that values shared responsibility, creativity, empowerment and leadership, students will understand and value their part in a larger community, preparing them to become informed and engaged citizens of the world. Through working closely with students in the residential environment, staff will help nurture and support personal growth and character development.


Learning at SJA Jeju doesn’t end when the school day is done. The Resident Life Program is invested in developing an ongoing Wellness Program that focuses on health of mind, body and spirit. Assimilated in the dorm life program are activities that support fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and mentorship. We are a caring and supportive staff who are dedicated to making boarding students feel less like residents of a dorm and more like members of a family.


SJA Jeju offers a rigorous academic program, and our faculty is committed to guiding resident students through this process. Nightly evening study sessions will be held either in the library or dorm study rooms, where both middle and high school teaching faculty will assist with tutoring and encourage strong study habits among students. In addition to providing in-home assistance, proctors track student grades and will communicate with teachers and learning staff to support students when needed.


Every weekend, resident students will have the option to join faculty-led trips and activities to promote personal wellness and community engagement. These activities will range from hiking Oreums and playing golf to practicing yoga and taking a cooking class hosted in the dorms. We hope to engage student interests with fun outings as well as challenge and expose them new activities they may not otherwise have to opportunity to take part in.