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Faculty & Staff

Early Childhood +
  • Fiza Jaafar, Kindergarten

    Previous Experience: Lucy Craft Laney Community School, Minneapolis, USA

    M.Ed, Early Childhood Education and Special Education, University of Minnesota

    B.A, A Theatre Arts, University of Minnesota

  • Kamisha Morrison, PK4

    Previous Experience: University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Chicago, USA

    M.A., Master’s of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Pacific Oaks College

    B.Sc., Graphic Design, Florida A&M University


  • Lisa Bromley, Kindergarten

    Previous Experience: Trinity Basin Preparatory, Dallas, USA

    B.A., Interior Design / Art Minor, Stephen F. Austin State University

  • Mandy Moss, Kindergarten

    Previous Experience: Qatar Academy AlKhor, AlKhor, Qatar


    B.Ed., Foundation Phase, University of South Africa

  • Nicole Soogrim, PK4

    Previous Experience: Shekou International School, Shenzhen, China


    B.Ed., Primary/Junior Education, Nipissing University

    B.Sc., Contemporary Studies & Human Rights and Human Diversity, Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Sabreen Gunsby, Kindergarten

    Previous Experience: American Creativity Academy, Kuwait City, Kuwait


    B.A., Theater, Temple University

  • Sherry Falco, PK4

    Previous Experience: Hong Qiao International School, Shanghai, China


    M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, Loyola University

    B.A., Spanish, DePaul University

  • Stacey Poncia, PK4

    Previous Experience: Shanghai Community International School, Shanghai, China


    B.A., English Literature, California State University, Chico

    B.Sc., Recreational Administration, California State University, Chico

  • Teresa Arrastia, PK3

    Previous Experience: Dalian American International School, Dalian, China


    M.Sc., Literacy, State University of New York at Buffalo

    B.A., Child Development and Psychology, Evergreen State College

Elementary School +
  • Alysa Montagne, Art

    Previous Experience: American International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    M. Sc., Moderate Disabilities, Simmons College (in progress)
    B. A., Art Education, University of Vermont

  • Angela Giuliani Opitz, Counselor

    Previous Experience: Rattlesnake Elementary, Missoula, MT, USA

    Ed. S., Conselor Education, University of Montana
    M.A, Counselor Education, University of Montana

    B.A, Psychology, University of Montana

  • Benjamin Newton, EAL

    Previous Experience: Dalian American International School, Dalian, China

    M. Ed., Educational Administration, Concordia University
    B. Sc., Political Science, Stephen F. Austin State University
    B. Sc., Public Administration, Stephen F. Austin State University

  • Bethany Ragains, Grade 2

    Previous Experience: Scott Elementary School, Melrose Park, IL USA

    B. A., Elementary Education, Augustana College

  • Brandy Brenwall, Physical Education

    Previous Experience: Riffa Views International School, Manama, Bahrain

    M. Sc., Health Education & Promotion / Emergency Preparedness, Walden University
    M. Ed., Educational Leadership, Lewis University
    B. Sc., Physical Education, Eastern Illinois University

  • Carla Chavez, Literacy Coach

    Previous Experience: École Dugald School, Dugald, Canada

    Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, University of Manitoba

    M. Ed., International Education, Framingham State College

    B. Ed., Elementary Education, University of Manitoba

  • Christine Koenig, EAL

    Previous Experience: Jeddah Private School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Ph.D., Multicultural Education, George Mason University
    M. Sc., Montessori Education, Loyola College
    B. Sc., Elementary Education, State University of New York at Geneseo

  • David Griffith, Grade 5

    Previous Experience: Riffa Views International School, Manama, Bahrain

    M. Ed., Education Leadership, University of New England
    B. Ed., Education, University of New England

  • Elden Montagne, Grade 3

    Previous Experience: American International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    B.Sc., International Community Development, University of Vermont

  • Elizabeth Eckenrode, EAL

    Previous Experience: Dowell Middle School, Texas, USA

    B.S. Elementary Education, Oklahoma State University

  • Elston Craver, EAL

    Previous Experience: Yes Prep, Texas, USA


    M.Ed., Literacy, Pace University

    B.S., Adolescent Education, State University of New York at Onetontat

  • Emma Kim, Korean/Social Studies

    Previous Experience: Song-il Elementary School, Incheon, Korea


    B.A., Elementary Education, Jeju National University of Education

  • Frances Foyle, Librarian

    Previous Experience: Polytechnic School, Pasadena, USA

    M. Sc., Library Science and Information Technology, University of Houston

    B.A. Social Ecology: Psychology & Social Behavior, University of California

  • Isabel Heredia, Science Specialist

    Previous Experience: Dalian American International School, Dalian, China

    M. Sc., Science Education, Montana State University
    M. Sc., Education Media Design and Technology Integration, Fullsail University
    B. Sc., Anthropology & Black Studies, State University of New York at New Platz

  • Jennifer Johnson, Grade 4

    Previous Experience: Thomas Nelson Page Middle School, Texas, U.S.A.

    M.A. in International Educational Development, Columbia University, Teachers College

    B.A. in Philosophy, University of Washington

  • Kelly Waite, Learning Support

    Previous Experience: Qatar Foundation - Awsaj Academy, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

    B. Ed., Elementary Education, Boise State University
    M. Ed., Special Education, Northwest Nazarene University

  • Kerin Murphy, Grade 1

    Previous Experience: Emirates National School, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

    M. Ed., Elementary Education, Cabrini College
    B. A. Liberal Arts, Cabrini College

  • Kirsten Ries, Grade 1

    Previous Experience: Elizabeth East Primary School, South Australia

    B. Ed., Early Childhood Education, University of South Australia

  • Melissa Cunningham, Grade 1

    Previous Experience: Mountain Ridge Intermediate, West Virginia, USA


    M.Ed., Elementary Education, Old Dominion University

    B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, Old Dominion University Family Life Course

  • Michael Rosenthal, Grade 2

    Previous Experience: American Creativity Academy, Kuwait City, Kuwait


    B. A., Counseling Psychology, Delaware Valley University

  • Michael Tompkins, Music

    Previous Experience: Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools, Saudi Arabia


    M.A., Music Education, Columbia University

    B.A., Piano Performance, Millsaps College

  • Michaela Faulhaber, Grade 3

    Previous Experience: Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, Denver, USA


    M.Sc., Education, Adams State College

    B.A., Spanish, University of Northern Colorado

  • Mona Abinader, EAL

    Previous Experience: Concordia International School Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Doctorate in Education, Appalachian State University, North Carolina, USA

    Master in Arts, Educational Media, Appalachian State

    Bachelor of Education, TESL, Concordia University, Quebec, Canada

  • Myo Jung Kim, Korean/Social Studies

    Previous Experience: Jeondong Elementary School, Seoul, Korea


    B.A., Elementary Education, Cheong-ju National University of Education

  • Natalie Boyd, Grade 4

    Previous Experience: University Schools, Greeley, USA


    M.Sc., Elementary Education, University of Northern Colorado

    B.Sc., Organizational Communication, Western Michigan University

  • Nicholas Dysken, Counselor

    Previous Experience: The American Baccalaureate School, Kuwait City, Kuwait


    M.A., Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota

    B.A., History, University of Wisconsin

  • Nicole Mcintyre, Grade 5

    Previous Experience: Yangon International School, Yangon, Myanmar


    M.A., Elementary Education, Springfield College

    B.A., Anthropology/Scoiology, Mary Washington University

  • Sarah Ratcliffe, Grade 4

    Previous Experience: George F. Kelly Elementary School, Chelsea, USA

    Ed.M. in Elementary Education, Boston University

    B.A. in History, Providence College

  • Shannon Keown, Tech Integrationist

    Previous Experience: Dubai American Academy, Dubai, U.A.E.


    M.A., Information and Learning Technologies & School Library and Leadership, University of Colorado

    B.Sc., Interdisciplinary Studies, James Madison University

  • Taylor Bowen, Substitute


    B. A., Media Studies, Vassar College


Middle & High School +
  • Adam Kennedy, Physical Education / Media Design

    Previous Experience: St. Johnsbury Academy,  Vermont, USA

    B. Sc., Information System Science, Salve Regina University

  • Anthony DePrato, STEAM

    Previous Experience: YK Pao School, Shanghai, China

    M.Ed., Educational Technology, Pepperdine University
    B.A., International Studies, Thomas More College
    B.Sc., Communications, Thomas More College

  • Cynthia Prieto, Spanish

    Previous Experience: American International School, Cairo, Egypt


    M.Ed., Education, Tec Milenio

    B.S. Industrial Engineering, ITESM, Campus Laguna

  • Dean Menke, Biology

    Previous Experience: Williston Central School, Williston, USA

    M.Sc., Environmental Engineering, Purdue University
    B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota

  • Diane Keller, Math

    Previous Experience: North Atlanta High School, Atlanta, USA
    M.A., Middle-Level Education, Converse College
    B.A., Political Science, University of South Carolina

  • Dubhgan Hinchey, EAL

    Previous Experience: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Nomi, Japan
    M.Sc., Digital Education, University of Edinburgh
    M.A., TESOL, St. Michael's College
    B.A., Japanese Studies, Earlham College

  • Edgar Volker, Math / Chemistry

    Previous Experience: Northlands School, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires

    Licentiate in Physics, University of Buenos Aires

  • Edward Gonzalez, Social Studies / Film

    Previous Experience: Digital Arts and Technology Academy, Albuquerque, USA

    M.A., Secondary Education, Santa Fe University of Art and Design
    B.Sc., Moving Image Arts, Santa Fe University of Art and Design

  • Edward Sheblak, Theater

    Previous Experience: American International School of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

    M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction: Second Language Education, University of Houston
    B.Sc., Performing Arts: Design/Technical Theatre, Emerson College

  • Francis Bowen, Science

    Previous Experience: St. Johnsbury Academy, Vermont, USA

    M.A., Special Education, St. Joseph College
    B.Sc., Microbiology, Arizona State University

  • Jonathan Sceerey, Social Studies

    Previous Experience: American Creativity Academy, Kuwait City, Kuwait

    B.Ed., Secondary Social Studies, University of Maine
    B.A., History & Political Science, St. Thomas University

  • Jonathan Stein, Counselor / Psychologist

    Previous Experience:  PS X721 - Stephen McSweeney OTC School, Bronx, USA
    M.Ed., PD, School Psychology / Educational Psychology, Fordham University
    B.A., Psychology / Community Mental Health, SUNY - University at Buffalo

  • Juan Sheblak, Social Studies / Learning Support

    Previous Experience: American International School of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

    M.A., Secondary Education, The College of New Jersey
    M.A., Sustainable Development Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, University of Stellenbosch
    B.Sc., Social Science: Psychology and Sociology, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  • Justin Boyd, English
    Previous Experience: Aims Community College, Greeley, USA
    M.A., English Education, University of Northern Colorado
    B.A., Secondary Education - English, Western Michigan University
  • Katie Welch, English

    Previous School: Gangnam International School, Seoul, Korea

    B.S., Secondary Education, French Language and Literature (minors in English as a New Language, and Japanese Studies), University of Evansville

  • Kendra Perkins, Librarian

    Previous Experience: YK Pao School, Shanghai, China

    M.A., Library and Information Science, University of Alberta
    B.A., Psychology and English Literature, University of Waterloo
    B.Sc., Science, University of Manitoba

  • Kristine Emerson, Art
    Previous Experience: Riffa Views International School, Manama, Bahrain
    M.Sc., Art Education, University of Nebraska
    B.Sc., Education, Queen's University
    B.Sc., Visual Arts, University of Western Ontario
  • Luis Avila, Math / Physics

    Previous Experience: American International School, Cairo, Egypt

    M.S., Multidisciplinary Studies, State University of New York

    M.A., Business Administration, St. Mary's University in San Antonio

    B.S., Electronics and Communication Engineering, ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico

  • Ricki Liang, Chinese

    Previous Experience: Chengdu International School, Chengdu, China

    B.A., Teaching Chinese as A foreign Language, Harbin Normal University

  • Sean Spiller, Physical Education

    Previous Experience: Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea
    M. Ed., International Education, Framingham State University
    B. Ed., Education, University of Victoria 

  • Stephen Arrastia, Music

    Previous Experience: Dalian American International School, Dalian, China


    M. A., Music Performance, University of Michigan

    B. A., Music, California State University at Northridge

  • Suzy Song, Korean Language

    Previous Experience: Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

    M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, Assumption University of Thailand

    B.A., Philosophy, Chung-Ang University

  • Vivienne Seo, Korean History

    Previous Experience: Seogwipo Middle School, Jeju, Korea

    B.A., History, Chung-Ang University

    M.A., Art Management, Korean National University of Arts

  • William Lee, International Counselor

    Previous Experience: San Marcos Academy, San Marcos, Texas

    B.A., English Literature, Yonsei University